Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what, you wanna be sexy now?

Documentary : Sexy Girls Have It Easy from Bright Hand Pictures on Vimeo.

I came across this video where a woman did a social experiment to test wheter or not sexy girls can get more free stuff than a plain Jane "based on looks alone." While it was entertaining I thought it wasn't fair how she acted differently in her different clothes too. In her sexy version she was confident and cheeky, but in her plain Jane she was dowdy, demanding, and not charismatic. I would like to see her do the experiment again but act exactly the same, regardless of her clothes. So I don't think it's purely that she looked sexier, she was just more confident and acted like she deserved the free stuff. Also, did plain her have to be wearing a fanny pack?

Ex: Her plain self directly asked the bus driver for a free ride. denied. Her sexy self smiled at the bus driver and walked past him. accepted. I'm still curious what would happen if Sexy her asked the bus driver.

I am by no means sexy on most (any) days, but I HAVE gotten things & drinks for free. Mind you these were only coffees or sodas, but it happened to plain ole me! It's just timing and circumstance. And no I was not demanding or cheeky- just innocent? I seriously have no idea why it happened... So PLAIN girls can get free stuff too okay?

There was this one time I went to pick up my sister from work and later she told me the guys asked if I was her mom.... WHAT? I was so enraged! How dare they assume that? So the next time I went in I made it a point to put on the makeup, big lashes, and high heels to see if I would get the same comment. To my delight they asked if I was her friend. phew! Otherwise some heads would roll. The interesting thing is I felt more confident and sexy wearing false lashes and high heels. I think it would be amazing if I could figure out how to feel that way in just my everyday getup.

Left: my plain look (old pic)
Right: my dolled up look (on that day!)

Please tell me your thoughts on the video and your thoughts on looking plain vs sexy.