Friday, May 13, 2011

Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo Review

Many people claim this as the holy grail shampoo so how could I resist trying it?

At first I was like WOW my hair feels so soft and silky but then later in the day I noticed my roots were getting quite oily. Somehow though I think it makes my roots more oily. That's the sad thing. Also, some people say it adds some texture or something to the hair and I'm thinking it does on mine too. That's what gives it the silky feeling. My hair was already silky (or it doesn't take much to make it so) and the added silkiness was not a good feeling.  One good thing is I can feel my hair getting less prone to tangling of the ends. That was my main problem with my hair anyhow.

I would not buy this again if I'm only using it for my roots. I think a good conditioner could do that. I just don't use conditioner! mwahaha.

Another thing is the scent. It's okay, but I didn't even remember/notice it at first. People always rave about the scent but seriously it is not that great!

I bought this from here but their site annoys me. I had issues with them but everything worked out later. $15.95 for 18.6 fl oz. Shipping is $4.99.

Or you can buy it from various sellers on Amazon here.

good lather up
lightly scented
cleans hair

can make hair too silky
made my roots oil up faster

Bottom line: If you have good hair already you won't need this. It's better for people with dry or coarse hair.