Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Event at LOFT

So how exciting is having a private shopping event at LOFT? TONS! especially when everything is 40% off! To be honest I think that sale was offered to everyone all day.

Anyhow, let me show you some fabulous photos of us ladies trying on clothes, shopping, and sipping pomegranate juice. OH WAIT, I can't because corporate specifically said we can't take photos in the store. Kinda defeats the purpose of opening the store early for fashion bloggers don't you think? What exactly do they think blogging is without photos? Anyhow, we managed to do just fine outside of the store with our group photo.

Group photo of the DFW bloggers.

oh wow, it's the outside of the LOFT store! yay! This LOFT is in West Village. It's part of Dallas Uptown. I remember visiting this place with my old school buddies the summer after highschool and college summers. We thought we were so cool driving to the pretty part of Dallas and sipping on Starbucks and Pacuigo, and watching indie movies. lol at the old times. It's changed a lot. I remember the best part was exploring the underground DART system. It's quite amazing how much there is underground and how huge it is. Mind you this was new for us suburban kids. Funny thing is I still don't think many people know about the Dallas underground! I digress...

Tina getting outfit of the day shots. Elissa did a great job of setting everything up!

Fabulous ladies to my left and right! Tina & Nekiah. I was feeling very vintage matchy-matchy that day.

New earring design I've been working on. Thought it went well with my outfit. I'll be posting these in my store soon? or maybe not so soon? no set time frame yet.

My first Eggs Benedict at the Lemon Bar in West Village! SO good! There was even a farmer's market outside which was cute and unexpected.

Even though earlier I ragged on LOFT for the photo issue, the sales associates in-store were very nice and helpful. Everything was really pretty. I've only been in LOFT a couple of times because there are no stores close to me. The selection on-line is tragic compared to the in-store finds. Then there are things they don't have in-store like heels. argh.

Here are some things I loved!

I think this is out of season? Loved the geometric print in person. Looks blah here. It's too bad I didn't get this while it was in the store! It has been replaced by the Dalmation Dot Skinny Scarf.

Swaying Floral Print Scarf, $34.50
Very pretty but I'm not sure how I would style it.

Stripe Infinity Loop Scarf, $34.50
Everyone was gushing over this scarf! (uh except me)

Dot Combo Dress, $89.50
I was happy to learn this dress actually fit me! I might get this if it goes back to 40% off again.

Weekend Blue Wash Modern Straight Leg Jeans in Petite, $59.50
Another surprise! Their jeans fit me and the length in petite wasn't too long. It is in flats, but with heels I'll be fine! Now this is what I DID buy. My first straight leg jeans. I've been a chronic boot leg jean buyer ever since I can remember. My first impression was that they were a little cheap and stretchy feeling compared to others I've tried. I still liked them enough though!