Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Favorites

It's December 1 so that means it's time for November Favorites! I totally forgot to do these so it's a little rushed trying to make my deadline. It's been a busy month, and I didn't really wear all that much makeup. These are my most grabbed items of ALL the months since I've been using them. I could be out the door with just these products!

1. Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush - I use this purely to apply the Cargo blu_ray pressed powder. It works well with the product giving me nice coverage, and it's so soft on my face!

2. Cargo blu_ray pressed powder - With this and the brush I'm able to buff away all the yucky redness on my face. It's a great way to quickly even out your face. If you'll notice I hit pan and then some on this pup. It actually used to have 1/8" around the whole thing but as you can tell I've dug at the entire left side of it. No bit goes to waste!

3. Mac Blush in Hipness - This blush is a frost, and it's really great b/c it goes on sheer enough that I don't end up over applying it. It's the perfect flushed color on me. It was a gift from Steph! :)

4. Ecotools Small Blush Brush - This brush came in the Alicia Silverstone brush set, and it's the perfect small size for my cheeks. I use it with the Hipness blush when I can. It's so soft and great for patting color on to the apples of your cheeks. You can find this at your Wal-mart now.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Maybe later I can update with some food and haul pics. What did everyone get? Any cool new gadget, clothes, or makeup?

Also, I noticed I'm now at 200+ followers! Yay! I think it's time now for a makeup giveaway! I actually have not ever done a giveaway on this blog where "following" is a requirement. I'm planning one of that nature, and I hope I can get that up soon!