Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Candy and Snacks from Asian Food Grocer

I'm obsessed with Japanese Rice Crackers because I can't seem to find any fresh tasting ones near me. They always look promising but then they taste stale or a year old. Sigh. Plus I don't even know the names of the crackers I do like! Then I found with amazing candy and cracker selections! Keep reading to see what I bought during the Black Friday sale! I'll review the snacks that I've tried. It looks like I bought too many crackers, but this is trial and error people!

Clockwise from the top left:
Japanese Kit Kat - Bitter Almond - $2.38
Kasugai Omaccha Miruku 4.2 oz - $2.48
Meiji Chocolate Macadamia - $2.68
Japanese Kit Kat - Blueberry - $5.99 - very good! Just imagine blueberry chocolate.
Glico Gaba Bitter Chocolate Balls 1.58 oz - $2.78

Uni Suki Rice Crackers - $4.18 
Maruhiko Musenbetsu Nido Zuke 7.7 oz - $6.18

The crackers on the left are very tasty Sea Urchin flavored crackers! I was not sure what to expect but it's really good! These are probably my favorite of the seafood flavored crackers like shrimp or crab. I've only had sea urchin once that I can remember. It was this summer in Vietnam. I think it was good but gritty because they left sacs they weren't supposed to... ANYHOW, these are delicious crackers and exactly what I've been looking for! They are packed into little packs of six crackers each.

The crackers on the right are Soy Sauce flavored crackers. At the first taste they were too salty for me but my sister liked them. She is a soy sauce addict. If you keep eating them you'll be more tolerant to the saltiness, but I'd rather not. A plus is that there is a resealable zip at the top of the bag.

Koizumi Agesen Rice Cracker 5.9 oz - $2.58
Kaku Mochi Light Salt Rice Cracker 4.2 Oz - $4.89

I've only tried the ones on the right. They are individually packaged! They are airy and bubbly looking. They are lightly salted and very good for snacking! I checked the website, and these are out of stock. boo. It also says you only get six but as you can see there is so much more.

Ajino Rakuen Rice Crackers 9.5oz - $5.98
I have not tried these yet, but it looks promising! I'm hankering for some tasty seaweed crackers!

The kind folks threw in a freebie energy shot for the sale! They are so awesome! If you want close ups of any crackers or candy let me know, and I'll try to take pics. The shipping's a steal at a flat-rate $5 considering how heavy it can get with drinks and dishware.