Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Goodies part 2 - The Nutcracker

Greetings from Texas ya'll.

This had to be the best Christmas in years! Usually I do not get into the spirit but this year was different. My brother had an extra ticket to go see The Nutcracker at Bass Hall on Christmas Eve, so since I've never been to a ballet before I was intrigued to go. I've only seen it on PBS and not even the whole thing. I am very familiar with the music however, since I was in Orchestra during highschool. The ballet was amazing, and I was very entertained for those two hours. It went by so quickly. Now I know exactly what a sugar plum fairy looks like. The costume was so so so pretty!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Goodies part 1

I found this vintage little Hello Kitty ornament from the early 90s in my families storage. I think they gave away these at Sanrio during the holidays. My favorite was Pochacco! I remember we'd go in there and buy stuff just to collect a bunch of these guys. Anyhow...

Lisa and I did another Holiday swap this year and here are the goodies! I'm so excited about the Hi-Tec C pens!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Candy and Snacks from Asian Food Grocer

I'm obsessed with Japanese Rice Crackers because I can't seem to find any fresh tasting ones near me. They always look promising but then they taste stale or a year old. Sigh. Plus I don't even know the names of the crackers I do like! Then I found Asianfoodgrocer.com with amazing candy and cracker selections! Keep reading to see what I bought during the Black Friday sale! I'll review the snacks that I've tried. It looks like I bought too many crackers, but this is trial and error people!

Clockwise from the top left:
Japanese Kit Kat - Bitter Almond - $2.38
Kasugai Omaccha Miruku 4.2 oz - $2.48
Meiji Chocolate Macadamia - $2.68
Japanese Kit Kat - Blueberry - $5.99 - very good! Just imagine blueberry chocolate.
Glico Gaba Bitter Chocolate Balls 1.58 oz - $2.78

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Favorites

It's December 1 so that means it's time for November Favorites! I totally forgot to do these so it's a little rushed trying to make my deadline. It's been a busy month, and I didn't really wear all that much makeup. These are my most grabbed items of ALL the months since I've been using them. I could be out the door with just these products!

1. Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush - I use this purely to apply the Cargo blu_ray pressed powder. It works well with the product giving me nice coverage, and it's so soft on my face!

2. Cargo blu_ray pressed powder - With this and the brush I'm able to buff away all the yucky redness on my face. It's a great way to quickly even out your face. If you'll notice I hit pan and then some on this pup. It actually used to have 1/8" around the whole thing but as you can tell I've dug at the entire left side of it. No bit goes to waste!

3. Mac Blush in Hipness - This blush is a frost, and it's really great b/c it goes on sheer enough that I don't end up over applying it. It's the perfect flushed color on me. It was a gift from Steph! :)

4. Ecotools Small Blush Brush - This brush came in the Alicia Silverstone brush set, and it's the perfect small size for my cheeks. I use it with the Hipness blush when I can. It's so soft and great for patting color on to the apples of your cheeks. You can find this at your Wal-mart now.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Maybe later I can update with some food and haul pics. What did everyone get? Any cool new gadget, clothes, or makeup?

Also, I noticed I'm now at 200+ followers! Yay! I think it's time now for a makeup giveaway! I actually have not ever done a giveaway on this blog where "following" is a requirement. I'm planning one of that nature, and I hope I can get that up soon!