Monday, November 8, 2010

Sasa Haul - Lip balms

This is part of my haul from way back. Lots of lip balms!

Strawberry Lip Ice! Sounded cool so I went for it. I also picked up one in Lemon. Haven't tried it yet.

I picked up another Espie balm! Sadly they are out of stock now. WHY???

I was looking for "Water in lip" type stuff. Whatever that means! It said "Water" so I went for it. Steph said it was cooling. Haven't tried it yet.

Ume Softcream by OMI - It was in my October favorites. I planned to get the peach one but it sold out too fast.

Smells like Plum and Peaches! A joy to apply. Works well under lipsticks.

It's not the bomb, but it smells so nice and the packaging it CUTE!

BeautyMate Nano Eye Masks - I wish they were gels like the crystal collagen ones. They're okay but a little messy.

FaceQ Red Pomergranate + Co Q10 Mask - The mask did not fit my face very well. The lip and nose area were the most awkward. I was not a fan of the nose flap. The length irritated my nose. My nose top also ended up DRY after using this mask. This is a miss, and I'm glad I only bought one. I heard good things about the other flavors though!

A cute freebie! Reusable strawberry bag.