Wednesday, September 22, 2010

People to Watch: dustyohunter

I first saw Dusty on Kay's blog where she posted a video of his showing us how to make our own brush guards. I think it's awesome to see guys talking about makeup (cause us asian girls can't be hogging youtube). I know there's petrilude and gossmakeup, but I never got around to watching all of their vids. I just find Dusty interesting to watch (all the way through) and a good break from the "same old same old" (you know what I mean). Plus we both hate Plushglass, think it smells bad and tastes like playdoh!

Anyhow, I thought this guy was funny, and he's so serious while swatching lipsticks on his face. LOL. I had no interest in these Mac Dazzle lipsticks, but the thumbnail looked funny so I had to click in and watch the whole damn thing. :)

I think I was sold two seconds in with his awesome 2-pop intro. You can tell that he has a background in film (or love of it) because his videos have cool title scenes and use of music.

What a great use of space.

Save your money and use toilet paper.

Very informative video on pigments! He has three more of these, and I'm off to watch them!

Let me know what you think!