Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Rain Boots with Heel on Sale at Hautelook

I read about these over at PAG and I realized I completely overlooked this sale at Hautelook. Everyone has been tweeting about Beauty week at Hautelook so I only looked at Stila's (and some cool furniture).

For a long time I've been wanting nice rain boots and the fact that these have a heel is awesome! I tried some from Target but I ended up returning it because the fit was so poor. Last night I ended up picking two pairs from this brand dav. Seems like all the boots are 70% off (awesome!) They have tons of styles, umbrellas, socks, and bags.

I tweeted some options and everyone seemed to like these ones! It's perfect that I've been on a gray kick too. I was not sure if I should size up or pick my size because the reviews on endless.com and amazon.com say they run narrow. Plus I have chunky thighs so that's another issue. I found this official dav sizing guide.

Even though I only intended to buy one pair I always go back and skim the website for something else to buy. It's horrible to do so especially when I'm supposed to be saving. It's just a bad habit to keep looking! I LOVE argyle, and argyle on converse is awesome. Plus in case the grey ones don't fit right these will work.

Other cute boots!

They really have styles for everyone!

I thought this umbrella design was hilarious. It's called the Robargyle. Robot + Argyle. hehe.

To see some dav boots and shoes modeled, click over to Pinky's blog.