Tuesday, September 28, 2010

mac pigments and shady sellers!

I decided to try out some Mac Pigments. I didn't want to shell out $20 for a whole bottle of a pigment I knew I wouldn't finish so I went searching for sites that sold pigment samples. I ended up at a shop on ecrater.com. Not only did it take more than 3 weeks to arrive, there was no communication between the seller and I, plus 1/4tsp is really a very tiny amount! My goal was to find them for no more than $3 each including shipping. I managed to find a seller who had all the colors I was interested in at a great price... but service was just not there. It's a trade off I suppose since other sites charge $4-5 + shipping for the same amount. Ecrater had sent me an email to rate my transaction with the shop after a few weeks of placing my order. Since I had still not received the package or any response to my mail from the seller I left a negative feedback. Then suddenly I get a response! She e-mails me asking if I can remove the negative because she had a death in the family... and it will hurt her sales... I dunno if that's true or not but it's shady. She also said she'd refund me the money... Sounds like she'll give me a refund if I take back my review.. well sorry lady that is just wrong! If she had family problems she could have put a notice on her page or sent an e-mail. I ended up just ignoring her e-mail. Funny thing is the next day my order came!

I was curious about Melon and Mauvement at first, and then I added in Circa Plum for fun. I realize now I should've shown you the inside so you could see how little 1/4tsp is.

Turned out to be my favorite! I think this came out with the Rose Romance Collection. It also may be a Pro color? I would love some more- anyone want to share? :P

Awesome, but not particularly amazing. It looks different at different angles.

I was hoping this would be much prettier. It's not!

All three swatched here. Circa Plum, Melon, Mauvement. All in all the pigments in general are pretty cool. It's not something I'm going to start collecting or lusting after though. Actually I have been curious about how Lithe pigment is.. hehe :)

I used Mauvement and Circa Plum, plus I added About Face's The Big Guns to the lower outer corner. You can hardly see anything. My photos never capture the colors on my eye. I also used Milani Liquif'eye pencil in Black and Diorshow Extaste mascara (thanks Cat!).

The Milani pencil is nice but not completely smudge proof. It glides like an Urban Decay pencil but it's still prone to small amounts of smudging. I'd say it's pretty good for a drugstore pencil though.

 MAC pigments are the easiest to press so here's how they look. Even though I ordered 1/4 tsp of each I didn't get 1/4 tsp of each. As you can see I got the least of Circa Plum. :( Showing that you CAN press 1/4 tsp of pigments! Just add alcohol!

Here's the whole palette in case you were curious. It's really random stuff together that I don't even use anymore. Random Everyday Minerals and The She Space (about face) minerals.

Here is something that I've been working on. It's my Urban Decay Naked inspired palette! Using all About face minerals. I'm still trying to figure out what colors to put in. I need to pull up a picture of the Naked palette and try to pick out the ones I have. Pressing mineral shadows is another animal haha.