Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Azaleas

Oh garden part of this blog- I have not forgotten you!

Since Asian New Year is in a few days the Asian markets and floral shops are FILLED with beautiful new plants. Last year I missed out on buying an Azalea plant. Bby the time I was ready to buy it all the blooms had died, and I thought I could wait it out another year for a "fresh" pick.

Well dang it the shop owner raised the price to $55 from $25 this year! Of course I was outraged but I still bought it anyway like an obsessed idiot. It is possible last year's plant was smaller. (what I tell myself for comfort) I googled around and the going rate for this is around $100 now so maybe it's not so bad? I really wanted it to be a twisted topiary and it is! The dark pink petals actually sparkle in the light like a shimmery nail polish/ lipstick would. It's so pretty! If I could afford more than one I would also pick the white and pink mix above but I'm happy with just the photo for now. :)