Sunday, July 17, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Nail Laquer Set review

For a long time I've seen this brand, Le Metier de Beaute, on beauty blogs but I never purchased anything from them. Mainly because they are located in Neiman Marcus and their stuff is expensive! Thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale going on NOW I can finally get my stubby fingers on them! All Nordstroms should have this in their nail polish section even if there is no counter. Check near the Butter Londons and Deborah Lippmans!

Nail polishes are like a beauty gateway drug. They are usually the most inexpensive product in the brand line and it's easy to develop an addiction from there.

Le Métier de Beauté 'Rock 'n' Romance' Mini Nail Lacquer Set (0.14 oz each) $25
The set includes:
  • Heat of the Night
  • True Romance
  • Chrome Passion
  • Midnight Rendezvous
Full size polishes are usually $15 at (0.25oz) and LE colors are $10 at (0.14oz). So the value here is $40!

Heat of the Night: a passionate black cherry, a beautiful vampy color. Drusilla from Buffy comes to mind. It's very pigmented in just one swipe!

True Romance: a delicate pale rose with a subtle metallic nude finish. This is what I wish Chanel Quartz was. The polish was streaky for me though.

Chrome Passion: a charcoal with holographic shimmer. So stunning and mesmerizing! I think holographics are my new best friend!

Midnight Rendezvous: a shimmering, steely midnight blue with blue and green shimmers. It's dark, mysterious, and spacey. I love it!

The last three are my favorites! If you're a polish fanatic you must check these out at your local Nordstrom! Even though the bottles are tiny, it's still a great value! Tiny things are cute!

The red and blue together remind me of the Moulin Rouge movie poster. I spent a lot of time obsessing over anything Moulin Rouge when it came out. It never leaves my mind. <3