Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Review of Skin 79 BB Cream pink

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream [us info site]

Bought it from an ebay seller in Korea.
Didn't like it.
Color of poop.
Gives you a dead tone.
nuff said.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black Floral Hand Mirror

[find it here]

Some of you had asked about where I got this so I thought I'd share the site!

I bought it from Fancy Pocket Singapore.

Unfortunately for you, I think I bought the last one. The mirror is a great size and fits in my hand nicely. The only downside is that it's made of cheap plastic.

The shipping was not long at all. Probably 2 weeks? Sorry I can't remember. Reasonable shipping prices too! They have other cutesy things you can browse through if you're bored. I asked them for a discount code for my readers which they sent, but there's a better code on the site right now. To celebrate their 2nd birthday everything is already 30% off this month.

Right now the things I keep looking at show up Out of Stock, but there's tons of Deco stuff if that's your thing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lilac Nails: Essie or Chanel?

Essie Neo Whimsical or Chanel Lilac Sky?

Which do you prefer? I bought the Neo Whimsical from amazon but then when I was at Neimans I swatched Lilac Sky. Now I'm not sure which one I like better!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Introducing my Sister and Fashion Fridays

I want to incorporate some fashion into this blog, and I thought getting my sister to help would be a good idea. Say hello to Sarah! She's petite and a college freshman so you can probably relate to her more. I used to style her in high school, but she's quickly learned how to dress herself. I'll be showing you what she comes up with. Whether I agree or not...

This is a typical school day outfit for her. Now that it's colder you probably can't wear this anymore, but in Texas it's still not quite cold yet.

Review of Neutrogena MoistureShine in Just Whipser

Neutrogena MoistureShine Lipstick with SPF20
in Just Whisper 210 [buy here]

It's a very pretty nude pink that I've read is a dupe for Mac's Blankity. I love this! I want to try more shades! It's perfect on it's own or paired with a gloss. You don't really need a gloss though since this gives a nice creamy finish.

  • nice range of colors
  • smooth
  • moisturizing
  • spf20

  • $9 (expensive for drugstore)
  • cheap packaging
  • only available in the us?

I highly recommend this lipstick! Have you tried Neutrogena makeup? A lipstick this awesome makes me want to put down the $25+ lipsticks and look into more shades from them!

What is everyone doing for Halloween? I'm not going to any parties (not cool enough) but I will be handing out candy. I actually like doing it! It's fun to see the mini Princesses and Spidermen. I got a bunch of glow sticks for free from CVS after coupon so I think the kids will LOVE that! I'm not going to BE anything, but I may put on dramatic makeup just for fun. I will however be sporting my Día de los Muertos Necklace!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

September Favorites

My favorites for September. First time doing this!

Chanel Jade Rose Polish - My first polish spurlge! It's a beautiful light peach-pink nude cream color. It's the first polish that I wanted to keep wearing and stare at in a long time. There's gotta be a reason why this was released a second time! It originally came out with that Jade green polish that overshadowed this one. This year it came out with Paradoxal which also stole the spotlight. I even love this polish so much I need to get a backup. You can probably still find this at your local Macy's or Dillard's. And if you want to try a dupe...

Milani Bare in Mind Polish - This is close but not a dupe for Jade Rose. It's more pink toned and has slightly more shimmer. It's not exactly a favorite but it's still pretty!

Long handled mirror - I originally got a small mirror like this from Maggie's giveaway, and since I liked it so much I searched for a bigger one! It probably sounds stupid but the "design" of long-handled mirrors seems much more practical and easier to use than clam shell ones. Having a grip is nice and the mirror's not in the way.

Mac Notoriety Quad -Seeing that I liked Skintone 2 and Notoriety from the Felines collection I did some research and found that they are repromotes from this quad! I tracked it down on ebay for about $25ish including shipping which is similar to a CCO price I think. Yay for me! I really like the neutral colors in this.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Negligee Pink 256 - It gives a beautiful pink glow to my lips. It's instant LOVE with this pricey gloss. It's opaque enough to wear alone even on my pigmented lips! <3<3

Dior diorshow Extase - I've been having fun playing with the sample. It works pretty well on my lashes. I'm not too picky. Thanks Cat! <3

Nars Orgasm Blush - I got this in a blogsale from Amy and I love it! Really lives up to the hype!

Rock and Republic shader brush - The cut on this brush is nice so that it picks up shadows really well. I like how thin it is too. I was not looking for a fluffy one. This brush is perfect! It's not worth the retail price though.

That's it for September. Thinking of doing a September Returns/Misses.