Saturday, August 22, 2009

my first tomato

Wow, my first home grown tomato! It's pretty huge! I think it's a "better boy"... but I can't be sure. I'm no expert! The garden store was not very organized, and I just picked a random one. I realized I haven't done many posts about my garden so I thought I'd share these photos. More photos after the break. I never expected my tomato plant to grow so big! I really just expected it to die from lack of water. :0

I don't know why it's cracked, but this tomato is actually from early summer. I've had about 10 so far. Still counting...

Great on a salad or toasted french bread sprinkled with salt and crackled pepper.

Still a baby!

Can't believe how fast it grew. I got the tiny plant on the left for $0.69 cents!