Saturday, September 29, 2012

Makeup Storage sneak peek

For my makeup storage I use these awesome drawers from The Container Store. I first saw them on youtube and I thought they looked like the PERFECT solution. It's true!

They are called "Stackable Desktop Drawers" and are made of polystyrene. Basically plastic. It's originally for sorting paper. Each unit has three white pull out drawers. The drawers pull out nicely and I love how they are shallow and wide. I didn't want to waste vertical space or have to stack my makeup on top of each other. Each drawer is only 1.25" high.

To hold my makeup I need two sets of these so I have six drawers. I actually prefer this to the muji. It is a cleaner look when closed. (and costs less) I also have the muji that I use for jewelry storage. Muji is great and I love acrylic; it just tends to look cluttered.

Perhaps later I will have more pics of what's in my other drawers!