Friday, September 9, 2011

FNO: Les Jeans de Chanel

The thing I was anticipating the most about FNO 2011 (Fashion's Night Out) was the release of Chanel's extremely limited new nail polishes. I've become a Chanel polish addict, and I heard these were only available for purchase on Sept 8 at Chanel Boutiques and select beauty counters. So I drove up to the only boutique in the area where I lucked out and got a sweet valet parking spot! I told the guy I just wanted to pop into Chanel real quick and he was very nice about it. :)

To celebrate FNO and the polishes, they brought in three nail techs from a local salon (Hollywood Nails on preston & royal) to offer complimentary manicures! It's my first time to use the base and top coat. (nothing fabulous btw) She did an okay job considering I told her I was in a rush.

It's kind of hard to take photos and dig in my purse with wet nails so my sister helped out while I waited for them to dry. Imagine me awkwardly waving my hands around at Chanel. Hopefully no one was watching me. The fun thing about FNO is you can waltz into any high end boutique, and they are less likely to be judging you.

Nail Swatches of Coco Blue and Blue Boy.

Chanel released Blue Rebel (a dark deep blue cream), Coco Blue (a sky blue with shimmer), and Blue Boy (a classic denim blue cream). I think you can still buy them at for now. I know my Neimans had TONS left so there's still a chance to get them.

I thought Coco Blue would look horrible on me, but I was determined to buy it regardless. The thing was $4 more than a normal polish, dangnabbit! (Plus I was still bummed about Dior St. Tropez...) Oh, also they were out of their signature Camellias... gah.

Turns out it's the best one (to me!) I generally love this color on anything! It will definitely look GORGEOUS on you if you have light skin and blonde hair though.

Last but not least a little TDF shoe porn. Glittery pink platform signature heels! Possibly from the Paris-Byzance collection? I think my sister and me were afraid to touch anything LOL.

If it wasn't for my temporary valet spot I would have went over to the Christian Louboutin for some fun. HP village was starting to get way too crowded so I left.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with lots of dessert pics. I headed over to Northpark to possibly find Julie & Tina!