Monday, September 22, 2014

Drugstore favorite

How have I overlooked you for so long? Sally Hansen in Petal Pusher is a beautiful pinky nude (my polish weak spot).

At under $5, it's definitely a September favorite!

The Face Shop in Texas

Have you heard of The Face Shop? It's a korean beauty and skincare store with limited locations in the US.

One opened in Grand Praire, TX and this is the small haul with my sister.

Can you believe that the nail polish was 50% off? Later on I bought two more not shown haha! 

Also, the owner of the shop opened up a korean stationary store in the same mall called Zari! The prices are actually good! Surprising for a store like that if you've ever shopped in one you know what I mean. They also sell clothes and K-pop items.

Find both at the Asia Times Square Mall in Grand Prairie, TX.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ciate hoopla and Estée Lauder bare

Two quick photos of Ciate paint pot in Hoopla and Estee lauder pure color nail lacquer in Bare from the summer line!

Hoopla is on clearance at sephora online in the sugar caviar mani set. $12.50

Opaque in 1-2 coats! The formula on this Estée Lauder polish is really nice.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A look at Meet Your Match from Sephora

I wanted to share my excitement for this new mini set I scored at Sephora. It's the Meet Your Match collection of Sephora favorites. 

Three small lips products and three nail polishes for $25! I'm familiar with the nail brands but the lip products are new to me. So far I've tried 4 out of 6 products and I like them all. 

Deborah Lippmann in Girls just wanna have fun. 4-5 coats to completely cover the nail line. It's a gorgeous coral.

Formula X in Invincible is a pretty pale nude. 1-2 coats for complete coverage- I love it!

Bite Beauty's lush fruit lip gloss blends well with my natural lip color for a nice punch without looking purple. Surprisingly wearable on me! I've been smitten with it so I haven't tried the other two lip products yet.

Perhaps it's my April favorites all in one box!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nude'tude palette (nude is in)

It's been quite some time since I ordered from hautelook, and I thought I was done with that site. Too many deal sites clogging my email! I happened to read that the palette I've been eying was on sale so I jumped at the chance to get it. I love a good deal!

Today I received the Nude'tude nude eyeshadow palette from The Balm. Occasionally you will find it 50% off from only. It was $18 + $5.95 for shipping which is a very good price for this beautiful palette!

I've heard very good things about this, and it is also compared to the UD Naked palette. Funny since the colors are not similar. I can't wait to test it out for myself.

Hautelook personal invite:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Makeup Storage sneak peek

For my makeup storage I use these awesome drawers from The Container Store. I first saw them on youtube and I thought they looked like the PERFECT solution. It's true!

They are called "Stackable Desktop Drawers" and are made of polystyrene. Basically plastic. It's originally for sorting paper. Each unit has three white pull out drawers. The drawers pull out nicely and I love how they are shallow and wide. I didn't want to waste vertical space or have to stack my makeup on top of each other. Each drawer is only 1.25" high.

To hold my makeup I need two sets of these so I have six drawers. I actually prefer this to the muji. It is a cleaner look when closed. (and costs less) I also have the muji that I use for jewelry storage. Muji is great and I love acrylic; it just tends to look cluttered.

Perhaps later I will have more pics of what's in my other drawers!